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(Credit: Irina Grotkjaer)


Warner and Sony Music suspend activities with Russia

Warner and Sony Music are the latest music groups to suspend actions in Russia while the conflict with Ukraine lingers on. The action coincides with Ukraine severing diplomatic ties with Russia after President Vladimir Putin organised an armed attack on the country.

Warner Music Group issued a statement on Thursday, March 10th, explaining their positions on the conflict. “Warner Music Group is suspending operations in Russia, including investments in and development of projects, promotional and marketing activities, and manufacturing of all physical products”.

They elaborated, “We will continue to fulfil our agreed-upon obligations to our people, artists, and songwriters as best we can as the situation unfolds. We remain committed to supporting the humanitarian relief efforts in the region”.

Sony published a statement on their website, stating their intentions to continue supporting global humanitarian relief efforts to victims in need. Like Warner Music Group, the conglomerate cannot countenance warfare and are unwilling to collaborate with a country that openly declares war on another country.

Universal Music Group has also cut ties with Russia as the conflict continues. These musical organisations join a mass protest of artists who have either taken their music down in response to the invasion or have cancelled concerts in the near future in Russia.

Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour has also pulled the band’s music from the late 1980s from Russian streaming services, feeling that he cannot support their endeavours. Gilmour added that his daughter-in-law is Ukrainian and that his grandchildren would like to visit the country in the future.

Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters has spoken out against the conflict, publishing an open letter that explained his life philosophies, likening the attack to that of a “gangster”. Fellow bassist Paul McCartney uploaded a photo of himself performing in Ukraine on his Facebook page, and British rock bands Franz Ferdinand and Iron Maiden suspended their concerts in Russia, feeling that the safety of their fans has been compromised at this time.

Fleetwood Mac songwriter Stevie Nicks compared President Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler, feeling that his tactics are comparable to the Nazi invasions of the late 1930s.