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VIDEO: Morning Smoke - Hunger


Brighton band Morning Smoke are long term Far Out favourites. They straddle the line between pysche and garage more eloquently than anybody signed up to a major label right now and they do it all (well, most of it) off their own backs.

The video for new release ‘Hunger’ is typical of Morning Smoke. Lo-fi in delivery and style the band lay claim to their artistic souls with every frame that flashes by in a sea of colour and derelict tableaux with so much youthful exuberance you would think they’re vaping on stage amid the dry ice.

‘Hunger’ itself is released on 1st December and the track still plays to the band’s reverb dripping strengths, with conception and style taking precedence over ferocity and savagery. This track however, does have a more pop-noire sound dabbling with slices of Joy Division and other new-wave acts, teasing us with post-punk rhythm until the cloud-like lead line melts over us again.

Spare a second? Then check out Morning Smoke drummer Isaac Ide’s side project California Carpool.  

Jack Whatley