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Morning Smoke - DWYD

On a gorgeous sunny Sunday like we have, you might expect us to plaster kettle drum nonsense or up-stroke guitar all over our pages for today’s Unsigned Sunday feature. But we are realists (or pessimists, I’m never quite sure) here at Far Out, so as Britain bathes in those beautifying cancerous rays and prays for Monday to never arrive we are treating you to a slice of Britishness, in all it’s greying and ambiguous glory.

Morning Smoke, a band hailing from the epitome of English Seaside glaomour, Brighton and their track DWYD is the pick for this week’s Unsigned Sunday spot and with all it’s subtextual referencing and glorious sun-hazed guitar it makes for a perfect Sunday’s thoughtful listening.

Arriving with a punk pounding of the drums, which maintains the urgency of the track and dances alongside the lead line, we are jabbed by the needling guitar which pin pricks every note with the same sharpness of thought that is displayed throughout the lyrics. Dancing between atmospheric and delicate post-punk and a ferocious attitude that is doused with a sardonic, antipathy for modern life.

It’s an attitude and an ethos which is always vying for the attention amongst the various layers of the band, and because of it DWYD showcases the huge potential of a band that has not only completed one of the highlights of The Great Escape Festival in their native Brighton but is slowly starting to gather attention across the Nation.

Check out their versatility with their amazing mini-album In Euphoria on their Soundcloud

Jack Whatley