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California Carpool - Daydream


California Carpool is one of those artists that scream for headphones. Well, not exactly scream, more whisper his demand whilst gently pointing the glinting blade to your back. Issac Ide, the drummer from Far Out favourites Morning Smoke who are an ever-present pleasure on the Brighton scene, has created a conception which is at once meaningful and listless. It drifts between genres and settles only in the ears of those willing to allow it.

The need for headphones is not only due to the simplistic necessity of volume in regards to Ide’s gentle vocals but to feel the tone of each instrument, which gently serenade us through ‘Daydream’.

The guitars strokes and guides the ear towards a post-punk beat that only ever bubbles without bursting, whilst the reverb vocals encompass the theme perfectly and feel as untouchable as the stream of consciousness from whence they came.

Ide’s capabilities as a musician are never in doubt and are further affirmed in ‘Daydream’ but what remains the heartening prospect is his incredible talent as an artist in his own right. Thematic and entirely current, the sound of California Carpool will undoubtedly curry cult favour and with Ide as creative as ever we just need to let the rest of country catch up.

Jack Whatley