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Morning Smoke - In Euphoria


Introducing Morning Smoke, a few emotionally driven young chaps making some waves on the choppy coast of Brighton.

Morning Smoke have left me a little confused, I’ve listened to a few of their tracks with the words of their PR guru ringing in my ears and when you Google the band after you’ve listened to this track you’ll read this; “My Bloody Valentine meets Joy Division meets Jesus and the Mary Chain in a wall of noise who have a sound not dissimilar to PiL.”

Personally, I think that’s a little misguided.

Still in their infancy as band, it’s clear they’ve got immense talent and although the aforementioned bands might influence them they’re not making similar music, not yet anyway. That being said, I’m a fan of Morning Smoke and when I decided to make them today’s track of the day, I was torn between two of their releases ‘Melancholy’ or ‘In Euphoria,’ I’ve been cheeky there and sneaked them both in.

What this band really need is time, and luckily for them their all aged 18-19 so time they’ve got aplenty.  They’re making feel-good pop music at the moment, if we’re compelled to make comparisons then you’d probably lean more towards a band like Foals with their ability to slow the mood and atmosphere down before fitting you with a wall of guitar complimented beautifully by Milo McNulty’s vocals. You could even go as far as drawing similarity to a band like Explosions In The Sky, the utmost compliment judging their ability to tell a story using their instruments alone.

We like to give unsigned acts the coverage they deserve and I’ve got little doubt in my mind that as this band matures so will their sound. Personally, I’d like to see them pursue a shoegaze sound that In Euphoria shows glimpses of. Keep an eye out for Morning Smoke, in a few years you can say you followed them from the beginning.