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Touching footage of George Martin revealed to the public

Although he says he’s a private man, Giles Martin has issued an interview of his father George talking about his experiences with The Beatles with his granddaughter.

In a clip that is bound to please Beatle fans, George Martin begins by saying: “I met them in London and when I listened.” He pauses, before continuing: “It was OK but it wasn’t brilliant. But the magic bit came when I started to get to know them because they were terribly good people.”

“They were funny, they were very clever,” he continues, “And they were the kind of people that you liked to be with. So I thought, ‘if I feel this way about them, other people will feel this way about them’. So, therefore, they should be very popular.”

The Beatles producer George Martin died in 2016 at the age of 90. Introducing the clip of his late father, Giles said he was drawn to it precisely because “ordinary people do extraordinary things”.

Giles Martin worked on the Let It Be boxset. Impressed by the band’s work ethic, Giles said: “What I like about Let It Be is that, even though it’s a different Beatles, it shows you the way they collaborated. Like John playing ‘Gimme Some Truth’ with Paul. And even though it obviously appears on John’s album, Imagine, I like the fact that he’s just purely open to Paul’s suggestions.”

‘Gimme Some Truth’ forms part of Peter Jackson’s documentary series, Get Back. Bassist Paul McCartney can be heard singing falsetto over John Lennon’s lead vocal, and the pair are caught exchanging lyrical suggestions to one another.

Giles Martin enjoyed the series immensely: “What Peter Jackson has done is amazing. They’ve synced all of the audio footage and video footage together, which is not easy. Because the cameras, for instance, were battery-operated cameras, and they’d slow down as they went on. So it’s tricky to do.”

“No, I think it’s honest,” he continued. “I do. I think people will see that when they watch it. The Twickenham stuff is taxing to get through because you’re watching people who are geniuses in their craft looking for ideas, and that’s hard to watch. But then, at Apple, they seem much happier. That’s what the journey is. “

See the footage, below.