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Credit: Press


The Strokes have launched their own 'pirate radio series'

The Strokes, who are set to release their first album in seven years, have seen the coronavirus lockdown remove all traditional promotional techniques. However, the New Yorkers have had to come up with something slightly different with the launch of their own ‘pirate radio series’.

Their new “pirate radio series” venture is called Five Guys talking about things they know nothing about and sees Julian Casablancas, Nick Valensi, Albert Hammond Jr., Nikolai Fraiture, and Fabrizio Moretti chat over Zoom.

The 17-minute episode is pure light entertainment and makes a welcome change to see the band in such a relaxed setting which is a stark contrast to the usual late-night TV circuit. During the debut show, the group go over a wide range of topics in no great detail.

The content of the conversation ranges from talking about Lizzie Goodman’s 2017 book Meet Me In The Bathroom which documents that noughties indie New York scene, they also talk about when Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner slapped Moretti in the face after showing up late to a meeting and Hammond’s idea for a car-based interview series before James Corden and Jerry Seinfeld populated the market. The highlight of the first episode is the wholesome moment when Casablancas gets up a clip of Bill Withers, which they all watch together.

According to Casablancas, The Strokes will use the next episode of Five Guys talking about things they know nothing about will dedicate the next episode of the series to their new record The New Abnormal. The five-piece shared the final preview of the new record earlier this week when they shared the synth-heavy ‘Brooklyn Bridge To Chorus’ which followed stellar previous singles ‘Bad Decisions‘ and ‘At The Door‘.

Check out the first episode of Five Guys talking about things they know nothing about, below.