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Credit: Tuomas Vitikainen/Cancha General


Julian Casablancas forgets the lyrics to Queen's 'Under Pressure' in duet with Danielle Haim


Julian Casablancas was at a secret show with his band The Voidz when he completely forgot the lyrics to Queen and David Bowie’s iconic hit ‘Under Pressure’ during a duet with Danielle Haim.

The karaoke-style performance was all in good humour, with much of the audience made up of friends and family, and so we can all have a little laugh at The Strokes frontman fluffing his lines in David Bowie’s role as one half of one of the most revered vocal performances in pop history.

Taking place in Los Angeles’ HVW8 Art +Design Gallery, Casablancas welcomed Danielle to the stage following a performance of The Voidz new song and our recent Track of the Day, ‘the Mac DeMarco produced ‘Did My Best’.

The clip shows the Haim guitarist give Mercury’s unbeatable vocal a good try after a few lyrical look ups via her phone. But Casablancas’s Bowie is nearly non-existent as he mumbles his way through the vocal melody. There are laughs all round and the joy of the song soon takes over.

While Reggie Watts, who is also on stage, refuses to rescue Casablancas by taking the mic the singer offered him until he seizes his opportunity to give the megahit a brand new heavy metal vocal we never knew it needed.

Watch the clip below: