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The Police release longer version of 'Around the World'

Reggae rock progenitors The Police are set to re-release their 1982 documentary film Around the World, complete with new material. Dubbed The Police: Around The World Restored & Expanded, this release holds restored and remastered audio, including four bonus songs in the feature.

The film was originally released on VHS – before it was transferred to laserdisc – detailing the power trio’s first worldwide tour. The film was a collection of concert footage and behind-the-scenes clips that shows the band exploring parts of Japan, Hong Kong and Australia. The original film presented the band enjoying their immense success, and drummer Stewart Copeland, in particular, looks elated.

“Like Napoleon, we wanted the world,” guitarist Andy Summers writes in the liner notes. “Out of the messy and fervent atmosphere in London at that time we conceived the idea to go all around the world and film the whole adventure. As far as we knew no rock band, at least, had ever done that. We had just about enough popularity to get booked around the globe. Plans were made.”

The Police were formed in 1977, as Copeland’s response to punk. Bassist Sting and guitarist Henry Padavoni fleshed out the lineup for their debut single, but the band found a more permanent guitarist in Sumners, who had worked with Soft Machine’s Robert Wyatt in the 1970s. Copeland was a progressive rock drummer of some repute – he had toured with Curved Air – and Sting was a bassist who had worked as a teacher and a journalist as a younger man.

One of the more intellectual punk bands, the band’s repertoire included flashes of reggae, jazz, blues, pop and Eastern rock. Following the release of ‘Roxanne’, Sting was promoted to band songwriter, although Copeland contributed too, particularly on Regatta de Blanc, the band’s second album.

In an interview with Far Out, Copeland admitted that Regatta de Blanc is his favourite album by The Police, and highlighted ‘Message In A Bottle’, heard on Regatta de Blanc, as his favourite song by the band.

The Police: Around The World Restored & Expanded will be released on May 20th.