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(Credit: Warner Bros)


‘The Batman’ poster features an invisible secret message


Anticipated with plenty of fan excitement, Matt Reeves’ brand new film The Batman may just be the key to unlocking DC’s wasted potential over the past decade.

Hitting cinemas on March 4th, the new film features a darker take on the caped crusader, starring Robert Pattinson in the lead role alongside Colin Farrell as Penguin, Zoë Kravitz as Catwoman, Paul Dano as The Riddler, and Andy Serkis as Batman’s trusty butler, Alfred. 

Embracing the gothic, grungy world of Gotham’s underbelly, director Matt Reeves is throwing the fantastical comic-book style of previous iterations to one side in pursuit of a more gritty dramatic story. Speaking at an interview at ComicCon in 2021, Reeves made reference to the film’s inspiration in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, noting: “I felt that we’ve seen lots of origin stories. It seems things go further and further into fantasy, and I thought, well, one place we haven’t been is grounding it in the way that Year One does”. 

Proving its contrast to previous Batman films in the DC universe, production company Warner Bros have released new posters for the film that contain a secret message visible only under a backlight. Discovered by a Twitter user named @Nervatel, the message appears just above Robert Pattinson’s head in the brand new poster, with the fan writing, “So the new Batman poster… has a coded message one [sic] it”. 

Sharing another image, they then revealed that the message read, “You are a part of this too. Find out why,” with more fans of the upcoming film believing the message reads “You are the winged rat,” underneath.

Breeding intrigue and excitement ahead of the new film’s release, this ingenious piece of viral marketing shows just why The Batman could be the DC installment that will forever change the franchise.