Superfood - Mood Bomb


Premiered last night by the ever faithful Huw Stephens on Radio 1 was Superfood‘s latest release from their forthcoming album Don’t Say That  and also to be released on November 3rd by Infectious Music, ‘Mood Bomb’. A perfect song for a dreary Tuesday and our Track of the Day

Simply put ‘Mood Bomb’ is a stunning piece of indie filled Britpop, charmingly incoherent and an instant dancefloor dazzler. It lazily harks between Stone Roses and Blur whilst flirting with every mainstay British rock act there has been over the last 50 years. It’s a track which only further cements the band’s credentials as one of the rock and roll world’s brightest British stars.

Superfood‘s dabbling with party-sized hits is a joyous refrain from the grey filled gloom and apathetic slacker rock so apparent today and highlights the brighter side of life, even when dealing with a record called ‘Mood Bomb’. The track is decisively more downbeat than their recent subject matters such as ‘TV‘ and ‘Melting‘ but still providing melody over melancholy as usual. With bouncing rhythms and deliciously moreish hooks guaranteeing a satisfying feast from Superfood.

A deliciously raucous yet crafted indie rock sound is only added to by Superfood‘s natural flourish which earmarks them as not only the hottest band around but that they could be long burners. In short,  ‘Mood Bomb’ is an explosion of nostalgic 90’s riffs with enough bang for your buck to enjoy it as it’s own entity – a real blast.


Jack Whatley