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Superfood interview Y Not Festival Mam Right on Satellite TV


Interview - Superfood

Last weekend we were at Y Not Festival, straight after catching Superfood’s set, we caught up with Dom and Ryan for a beer and a chat about their up and coming debut album, Brit-pop and rolling down hills at festivals.

Here’s what they had to say…

FO: So how was that for you?

Dom: We really enjoyed it, it’s the second of a run of three shows we’re doing and it was great.

FO: Is this the run of free shows in conjunction with DIY Magazine?

Dom: Yeah we did a show last night at the Old Blue with a foam machine, it was wild and only cost us £80!

Ryan: Is that how much it was? Well worth it.

FO: You guys have had a long run out on the road recently, where do you prefer to play, festivals or some of the more traditional gig venues?

Dom: If I had to pick one, I’d go festivals, I love the festival scene.

Ryan: Yeah there getting good the festivals, we had a great crowd today.

FO: So if you weren’t playing, what would you be typically up to at a festival?

Dom: I’d have a hot pork bap!!

Ryan: I’d be looking for the biggest hill to roll down, I like hill rolling.

FO: After all this touring are you looking forward to some time off?

Ryan: Haha not really! We’re not thinking about having any time off at the moment. August is a bit quieter, but just after that the album is coming out.

FO: So have you had to do much on work on the album while touring?

Ryan: Yeah we finished the mastering a few weeks ago, we had a bit of time in January to get the first bits down, but other than that we’ve had to  mix it in between doing the live stuff.

Dom: It’s dragged out a little bit actually, next time we do it I’d like to do and devote some actual time to it.

FO: So can it be stressful trying to balance both the touring and concentrating on getting the album ready?

Dom: Oh mate it’s fucking stressful!

FO: But ultimately worth it in the end?

Dom: Well yeah if my girlfriend gets back with me (he laughs after we ask him if we can include that in the interview).

FO: What can we expect from the album?

Dom: It’s just like an extension of what was on the EP, we haven’t gone too crazy with it, it’s still just capturing that moment when we first got together and songs that we wrote in the first six months.

If we’d have sat down six months later we might have thought of other cool stuff, we’ve actually already got ideas for a second album, but we just wanted to get a good solid debut album out first.

FO: People have likened your sound to Brit-pop, was that an intentional thing? And was what was happening on the 90s British scene a big influence for you?

Dom: Well we’ve been in bands before, but when we realised we were going to do this as a career, we realised that we just want to write the best songs, so your brain automatically reverts back to what you thought was good when you were a kid.

Ryan: I guess so, when it comes to two guitars, bass and drums, that’s what really makes a strong song and in that kind of era there were so many bands doing that.

FO: So finally then is there anyone you’re tipping up as a must see this weekend?

Dom: Yuck. And Night Engine, they’re really good, they’re like Talking Heads and David Bowie mixed together.

Ryan: We actually played with them last night, we should have got the foam out for them.

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Will De Nardo 

Pictures by: Luca Bailey