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Yuck - Athena


Yuck have shown willing power where so many have previously seemingly collapsed. After surviving the loss of their frontman the band have continued to make the music that so regularly sees them compared to the likes of Pavement and Dinosaur Jr.

Co-founder Daniel Blumberg decided to Escape To Athena, in the search of different treasures with his new project Hebronix. Although the reference to Roger Moore’s 1979 German war-film may not be relevant to today’s track of the day, it’s clear to see Yuck carry the same traits as a reliable well-oiled German machine, despite being very much from London.

Seeing though Athena is the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology; here’s what Yuck had to say about their forthcoming EP:

“Instead of staying in and watching TV this Christmas, we all got together and recorded a few new songs, the first of which we’re very happy to show you now. Athena will be the first of 4 tracks from our new EP. Keep your ears to the ground for more new tracks in the next few weeks! And special thanks to everyone who has come to our shows on this US tour so far, they’ve all been great. We’re about halfway through now, so check out our Facebook for the remaining dates!

Keep your stick on the ice,