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Steve Jones refuses to rule out Sex Pistols reunion in future

It’s no secret that Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones hasn’t spoken to the band’s frontman John Lydon since they very publicly clashed on their 2008 reunion tour.

Furthermore, in more recent band news, he and the surviving band members beat Lydon in court after he unsuccessfully brought a lawsuit against them, wanting to block the use of the band’s music in Pistol, Danny Boyle’s new Hulu series based on the band. 

Regardless, Jones has refused to rule out one last reunion tour for the punk legends, particularly because all four founding members are still alive. The late Sid Vicious replaced the original bassist Glen Matlock in 1977 before dying of a heroin overdose in 1979. 

“You never know, man,” Jones admitted on the new episode of the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast. “And we all have our hair, too! If I was absolutely broke, I’d probably consider it… it’s not like I’m closing the door. You never know.” 

Interestingly, when discussing a potential reunion, Jones revealed he’d like to do a hologram tour as Swedish pop legends Abba are currently doing. He said: “Seeing that Abba can do it without being there, I’d be down”.

Throughout the episode, Jones sheds light on his life and career by talking candidly about his early days and how much he’s changed since the hectic period when the band were at their zenith in the late ’70s.

Elsewhere, Jones revealed that when the band recorded ‘Anarchy in the UK’, he didn’t even know what the word “anarchy” meant. “I was pretty illiterate back then,” he said, as he learnt to read in his 30s. “And I’m not proud of it, but that’s just the way it was. And I never listened to lyrics. I mean, I knew he was on about something.”

Listen to ‘Anarchy in the UK’ below.

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