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(Credit: Derek Bremner)


Slowthai teams up with IDLES on new version of 'Model Village'

Idles & Slowthai - 'Model Village'

IDLES have recruited their old pal, Slowthai, who injected a furious amount of aggression into their revamped version of ‘Model Village’.

The blazing track was a highlight on the Bristol punks third album, Ultra Mono, which arrived last year, and provided IDLES with their first number one record. ‘Model Village‘ laments small-town, incestuous, British life, and the addition of Slowthai doubles the already mountainous levels of anger crammed into the track from every conceivable angle.

“I hated growing up in a city that was really a town that was really a fishbowl,” frontman Joe Talbot said of the single last year. “I left as soon as I could, only to realise the fishbowl didn’t exist…just the fish, and they’re everywhere.”

Slowthai and IDLES’ friendship began when the rapper joined the group on stage at Kendal Calling in 2019. Since that moment, the like-minded souls have only grown tighter, and the rage-filled ‘Model Village’ is a shimmering example of their innate chemistry.

“They’re the boys,” the Northampton rapper said about his Bristolian brothers in 2019. “They’re the boys. We just see eye-to-eye and we just don’t care. You connect with some people, you don’t connect with others. I feel like it’s a brotherhood, they’re my brothers in arms forever.”

Talbot reciprocated the love and described him as “a vibrant and important voice in the world and obviously Britain. I respect him and I love him as a person.”

Thai can be heard on the track barking like a caged up Rottweiler, the rigorous energy served up Idles allow him to be let off the leash and go wild. Throughout the track, he and Talbot frantically go back and forth as they collectively decry the kind of people that are a cancer upon modern Britain.

The rejigged ‘Model Village’ is even more combative, intense and in your face than the original. Take a few minutes out, and watch a performance on Balley TV, hosted by Joe Talbot, aka the self-proclaimed Keith Chegwin of Rock.