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Sky Ferreira shares 'Don't Forget', her first new single in over three years

Sky Ferreira has made a triumphant return with her first new single in over three years, ‘Don’t Forget’.

This classy and dramatic slice of 1980s nostalgia comes with a brooding intensity of darkness in the lyrics that tell of an imperfect world. The quintessential ‘80s instrumentals are compounded by the visualiser, which brandishes the song title in Dirty Dancing style calligraphy. 

In the second verse, Ferreira sings: “Honey, you can see that it’s a rotten world? / I don’t need you to save me, another drama unsung / I’ll catch your disease, it’s such a raw deal world / I don’t need to deceive you, I’m the real bad girl.”

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‘Don’t Forget’ was written in collaboration with New Zealand dream-pop artist Tamaryn Brown. In a recent interview with Vulture, Ferreira explained that the song “wasn’t supposed to be apocalyptic, but in some ways it is”, with fire being the central focus (“Tears of fire in the sky / Makes me feel good to be alive”). She continued: “I did see fire, and I also saw a place between heaven and hell, that sort of vibe. But not in a biblical sense.”

“I felt very stifled for a long time, and I still do. It’s not that I wanted to burn people’s houses on fire or something; it is a little more symbolic. It’s about being put in these situations for a long time. It’s a bit of freeing myself, but not in the most conventional way. Because I don’t feel free, necessarily.”

“I’m not trying to throw everyone under the bus yet. Because that’s the thing: How do I say what I’ve been going through without having to become a victim to it or it becoming some narrative? Then my whole record becomes that. In my mind it’s like, ‘You don’t get to do that to me.’”

‘Don’t Forget’ follows Ferreira’s previous single, ‘Downhill Lullaby’, which was released in March 2019. Both tracks are set to feature on the long-awaited second album, Masochism (although, as she told Vulture, the album version of ‘Downhill Lullaby’ will have an alternate mix).

In an Instagram story in late 2021, Ferreira said that her long-awaited follow-up to her debut album Night Time, My Time, which came out in October 2013, is “actually coming out this time”, after more than half a decade of teasing.

In November, while celebrating the eighth anniversary of Night Time, My Time, Ferreira teased the arrival of new material. “NEW MUSIC RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED. let’s just say…uh… it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb,” she wrote, a riddle that suggests the month of March and its typical weather changes.

In January, her mother, Tonia Lamere, appeared to confirm this release date when she shared an image of Ferreira on her Instagram story with the caption “new album coming March”.

But in March, Ferreira wrote on Instagram: “Wrath and death threats pause until April!” likely referring to the many spam messages she and her mother have been receiving about the album’s release.

It appears that her obligations in her acting and modelling career have limited her to only managing to release a run of singles over the past few years. It is hoped that the new album will be released in the next few months.