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(Credit: Warner Bros)


Robert Pattinson reveals who he would like to see in ‘The Batman’ sequel


Though it was recently reported that the brand new The Batman would be released as a standalone adventure (predictably) it seems as though Warner Bros and DC are having second thoughts. The news comes after Robert Pattinson, who will be donning the cape and gravelly voice of Batman, has been discussing what he’d like to see from a potential sequel to the new film. 

Despite the new film from director Matt Reeves featuring several iconic Batman villains, including The Riddler, Penguin and the anti-hero Catwoman, Pattinson has voiced his interest in The Court of Owls appearing in a future instalment. A secret organised crime group led by the wealthy Gotham elite who each don owl masks to hide their identity, the inclusion of the mysterious board would fit nicely into the new gothic take on the character.

In addition, the actor also mentions Calendar Man, a disturbing serial killer who commits crimes depending on holidays and significant days throughout the year. With the potential for more instalments in the series, Pattinson told Fandango: “I’m down to do it as many times as people want to see it, really. Like I mean I’ve got to get this one out first. I talked to Matt about the idea of doing a trilogy, and that would be wonderful”. 

Released in cinemas worldwide on March 4th, 2022, The Batman looks to be a bleak take on the caped crusader, with Pattinson playing a raging version of the character who is primed to face the murderous, enigmatic Riddler. With an impressive cast including Paul Dano, John Turturro, Colin Farrell, Andy Serkis and Zoë Kravitz, we’ve got big hopes for the latest Batman movie.