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(Credit: Warner Bros.)


Colin Farrell’s Penguin is inspired by Fredo from 'The Godfather' in the new Batman film

A new addition to the incredibly influential legacy of the Batman franchise is on its way, with Robert Pattinson inheriting the iconic role after it was immortalised by other stars such as Micheal Keaton and Christian Bale. The film’s trailer has already managed to send fans into a frenzy, generating a buzz around the upcoming project which looks stunning.

According to producer Dylan Clark, the ultimate goal of the new film is to create the best Batman movie ever made. In an interview, Clark revealed: “I’ve said this to Chris Nolan directly: ‘Look, we’re trying to be the best Batman ever made, and we’re going to try to beat you.'” The producer added that director Matt Reeves is pushing the emotional limits of the new Batman.

Pattinson is no stranger to emotionally demanding performances, after having starred in the unimaginably dark and miserable masterpiece The Lighthouse which showed the world what he was capable of as an actor. Reeves said that Pattinson’s Batman is based on the reclusive Kurt Cobain instead of the billionaire playboy image that Bruce Wayne is famous for.

Colin Farrell is set to star as the Penguin, following in the footsteps of Danny DeVito. The actor revealed that his performance is based on Fredo from The Godfather. “Reeves] mentioned Fredo to me,” Farrell said, “Because Fredo’s crippled by the insignificance that he lives within, in a family that is full of very strong, very bright, very capable, very violent men.”

The actor went on to explain why Penguin behaves the way he does, insisting that his act of betrayal is based on his own pain. “There is a kind of fracture at the core of Oz, which fuels his desire and his ambition to rise within this criminal cabal,” Farrell added, while claiming that he is already excited about a sequel which will explore the character further.

Watch the brand new trailer for The Batman below.