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(Credit: Daniel Prakopcyk)


Remi Wolf announces debut album 'Juno'


California’s new R&B pop queen Remi Wolf has announced the details for her upcoming debut LP Juno.

“Creating my debut album Juno was like a fever dream,” Wolf explains. “So many changes were happening in my life while I was creating these songs, and I think my album really reflects the feelings of tension and release that these changes provoked in me. Every song on this record is a vivid snapshot into what was going on in my life and mindset the day I wrote each one. I hope my Remjobs can hear my honesty and passion come through, and, if not, I just hope they think each song is a banger!”

According to Wolf, the album is named after one of the albums most important collaborators. “The album is named Juno after my beautiful dog I adopted during lockdown. He ended up being in every single writing session for this album and I consider him my partner, witness, and support in the making of this record.” If Juno the dog isn’t on the album artwork, there will be riots. She does love dogs, after all.

Complete transparency: ‘Liz’ has probably become my song of the summer, and it’s my current go-to song whenever I get passed wither the aux or the Bluetooth speaker. It’s the perfect blend of funk, R&B, and pop, and it seems to get a pretty great reception whenever I play it for my unsuspecting friends. I gave it an 8.2 in my original review, but I honestly think it might be better than I gave it credit for. Here’s hoping Juno can bring in that same energy.

She’s certainly keeping the hot streak going with the album’s first official single, ‘Quiet On Set’. More indebted to 2000s pop and hip hop than the soul and R&B of her previous material, the song is still incredibly catchy, despite Wolf not utilizing her greatest asset: her emotive singing voice. Her quasi-raps are more based on rhythm and attitude here, but it just gets to illustrates Wolf’s range in her music.

Check out the video for ‘Quiet On Set’ down below. Juno is set to be released on October 15.