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(Credit: Daniel Prakopcyk)


Remi Wolf shares latest single 'Liz'

Remi Wolf - 'Liz'

California’s new R&B pop queen Remi Wolf has shared a new single, the trippy and adoration-filled ‘Liz’.

At the perfect intersection between bedroom pop and soulful R&B, Wolf always brings an impassioned joy and breathless cool to her work, which is probably why she has famous admirers like Beck, Kimbra, and Nile Rodgers, all of whom contributed to her remix release We Love Dogs.

Even when things take a turn, and the song discusses the loneliness of eating by yourself and crying in the kitchen, the exuberance in Wolf’s voice never wavers, not even for a second. She’s a committed, emphatic, uber-talented artist who can’t help but spark optimism and radiant energy with anything she does.

The amount of notes she can fit into the track’s namesake towards the song’s conclusion is a feat all on its own. Melismas tend to be the territory of highly trained singers like Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston belting out mind-boggling ballads, but Wolf instead brings pure emphatics and exhilaration that grabs hold of her voices and takes it on runs that aren’t meant to show off but rather celebrate the emotions flowing out of her.

“I wanted to share ‘Liz’ as a gift to my little Remjobs who have been with me since the beginning and have been asking for this song every day over the last few years,” Wolf says. Side note: anybody whose fans are referred to as “Rimjobs” is thoroughly living their best life.

“I’ve been performing ‘Liz’ on tour for forever and to finally have a studio version I’m proud of and can share with my OG babies feels like a weight has been lifted off my chest. This record shows a different side of my work… I felt so happy and free creating this song and I hope it makes whoever is listening feel the same.”

Check out the live video for ‘Liz’ down below.