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(Credit: Sophie Hur)


Remi Wolf shares Hot Chip remix of 'Disco Man'


Remi Wolf has released the final taste of her brand new remix EP We Love Dogs! in the form of Hot Chip’s reworking of the track ‘Disco Man’

The new EP is completely stuffed to the brim with awesome artists taking their own cracks at Wolf’s material. Here’s the full list, just so you can appreciate how insane it is: Dominick Fike, Beck, Little Dragon, Kimbra, Free Nationals, Tune-Yards, Panda Bear, Sylvan Esso, Polo & Pan, L’Imperatrice, Gabriel Garzón-Montano, Phony Ppl, Porches, and Nile freakin’ Rodgers. That’s a god squad of remix stars if I’ve ever seen one.

‘Disco Man’ was already ripe for the dance floor. A song can’t possibly be called ‘Disco Man’ and not be supremely funky. But leave it to the boys in Hot Chip to take it to the next level, adding elements of house and big beat to the track. Taking the dry and sleek lurch of the original and adding sped-up rave-tastic bombast is the kind of wholesale makeover that indicates We Love Dogs! will be a complete artistic reconfiguration of previously released material, rather than just a quick added shine on songs you already know.

Speaking of the new EP, Wolf humbly says that: “This is very sick. Half of these artists are ones I studied in school and have admired since I was a teenager. Needless to say, I’m shook! I hope you dance, vibe, shower, and chill to these remixes! I hope you make a lasagna or an eggplant parmesan while you listen to them, too!”

You never know when these artists are going to be so far up their own asses that they don’t know how normal people listen to their music. Wolf understands that most songs you fall in love with emerge in rather unglamorous circumstances. That’s pretty cool to see. Also, she’s right: who in this world doesn’t love dogs? No one I want to deal with, that’s for sure.

Check out the remix to ‘Disco Man’ down below. We Love Dogs! is set for a May 5th release.