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Credit: YouTube


Watch rare footage of Queens of the Stone Age tearing up CBGB with a fiery set in 1999


We’re dipping into the Far Out vault to take a look back at a glorious moment for Josh Homme and his band Queens of the Stone Age. Not only were they performing at the legendary punk venue CBGB, but the group were attempted to gain recognition by a host of executives in attendance.

The below footage sees Homme and his band back in 1999, taking to the stage to deliver a searing foreshadowing of their impending stardom, as well as giving run-outs to thumping metal songs that would adorn their future albums.

Before the internet provided you with all the tools a muso ever needed to get their fix of music, there was the radio. It used to be that one of the only places to catch new and innovative new sounds was through weird and wonderful radio stations, run by local DJs and bonkers executives.

It meant that getting the opportunity to play for such esteemed guests as the aforementioned stereotypes, and a host of other radio programmers too, was the chance to strike it lucky. It was a chance that McGathy, an independent promotion and management company, gave a host of acts.

McGathy would invite bands to play at their annual shows as a showcase for radio programmers and a chance for the bands to get their music out to huge audiences. Queens of the Stone Age would heed the call in the late-90s and make their way to NYC for a legendary show.

The now-iconic punk venue CBGB provides the perfect setting for Homme and co. to rattle through their self-titled debut album which had landed only weeks beforehand. As well as performing numbers from that record, the band also performed then-unreleased songs including Rated R’s ‘Monsters in the Parasol’ and Songs for the Deaf‘s ‘Millionaire’—a preview three years ahead of time.

Queens of the Stone Age would go on to become rock behemoths, selling millions of records and filling arenas around the globe. While Josh Homme is the only member of the group remaining from this line-up, he did at least outlast the venue which closed in 2006.

With no new QOTSA album on the way, let’s take a trip back to 1999 and revisit their very early beginnings.

Source: Metal Insider