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(Credit: Davis Bates)


Phoebe Bridgers reacts to 'Kyoto' and 'Mr. Brightside' mash-up


After hearing a mash-up of her 2020 single ‘Kyoto’ and The Killers floor-filling hit song ‘Mr. Brightside’, Phoebe Bridgers has given her seal of approval. The new creation, which combines the lyrics of ‘Kyoto’ with the iconic guitar riffs from ‘Mr. Brightside’, has gone viral on social media, reaching the ears of Bridgers herself.

Bridgers gave her reaction to the mashup – which also combines video footage from the two artists performances – in a tweet that read “this fucks”. Bridgers has a personal connection to The Killers, having grown up on ‘Mr. Brightside’ before being asked to collaborate with the group on their Pressure Machine track ‘Runaway Horses’.

As a lifelong fan, Bridgers has covered The Killers a number of times in the past. In 2019, for example, she teamed up with Better Oblivion Community Center’s Conor Oberst to deliver a rendition of the ‘Human’ from The Killers’ 2008 album Day & Age, while Bridgers also covered covered ‘Read My Mind’ with her Boygenius bandmates in a string of live dates in 2018.

Thankfully, Brandon Flowers is also a big fan of Bridgers. Around the release of Pressure Machine, he explained why he’d wanted to collaborate with her on the album: “I still remember the first time I heard [her 2017 single] ‘Funeral’ on some college public radio station and just thinking, ‘This must be Phoebe Bridgers’. I knew it just from the way that people had written about her. There was so much beauty. It seemed so natural.”

Flowers went on to explain why he – and so many others – are drawn to Bridgers’ music: “She has a little bit of Wild West in her. She has rodeo people in her bloodline. She brought a sadness to the song that’s integral to it, but also inherent in her. It was the perfect combination.”

Elsewhere, Bridgers has also helped Taylor Swift in her quest to rerecord her entire discography, appearing on Swift’s new version of ‘Red’. She also contributed to the recent Metallica cover album The Metallica Blacklist, offering up a rendition of ‘Nothing Else Matters ‘ in celebration of the 30th-anniversary reissue of The Black Album.