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Credit: Lera Pentelute


Watch Boygenius play their first gig since 2018


On Friday, November 19th, Boygenius took to the stage for the first time since 2018, performing at a San Francisco charity event. The indie-rock supergroup – which includes Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker, and Lucy Dacus – played a one-off benefit concert at Saint Joseph’s Arts Society, the proceeds of which will go to the non-profit Bay Area organisation, Bread & Roses.

As noted on its website, the organisation “produce[s] free, live music and entertainment for Bay Area children, teens, adults, and elders who don’t have the ability to easily experience the uplifting power of the arts in any other way”.

Bridgers, Baker and Dacus performed a 12-track set, which featured a number of songs from their respective solo efforts as well as the entirety of their self-titled Boygenius EP. You can check out some footage of the momentous concert below. While Boygenius hadn’t performed together for a whole three years before Friday’s concert, Julien Baker collaborated with Bridges and Dacus on her track ‘Favor’, released on her third studio effort, Little Oblivions.

In a review of Little Oblivions, Far Out said: “Not only is the album a lyrical tour de force that has a frank transparentness running triumphantly through it. The inclusion of a band is a masterstroke that lets Baker add a brand new kaleidoscope of colours to the album, which light-up the solemnity of her lyrics entrancingly”.

Lucy Dacus also released her third studio album, Home Video, back in June. In support of the release, Dacus will tour Europe and the UK IN 2022, kicking off the 20-sate run in March.

Since the release of her stunning 2020 second album, Punisher, Phoebe Bridgers has also been keeping busy, having launched her own record label (Saddest Factory) and released an EP of reworked tracks called Copycat Killer. You can see Boygenius’ full setlist below.

Boygenius setlist:

  • ‘Bite the Hand’
  • ‘Me & My Dog’
  • ‘Souvenir’
  • ‘Graceland Too’ (Phoebe Bridgers song)
  • ‘Stay Down’
  • ‘Going Going Gone’ (Lucy Dacus song)
  • ‘Blacktop’ (Julien Baker song)
  • ‘Kyoto’ (Phoebe Bridgers song)
  • ‘Please Stay’ (Lucy Dacus song)
  • ‘Favor’ (Julien Baker song)
  • ‘Salt in the Wound’
  • ‘Ketchum, ID’