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Credit: Lucy Dacus

Lucy Dacus covers the iconic Edith Piaf song 'La Vie En Rose'


Lucy Dacus has shared her brand new cover of Edith Piaf’s iconic song ‘La Vie En Rose’ as part of her new series of songs released under the title 2019. The series will see Dacus producing some sensational covers as well as original tracks.

If 2019 is the focus for Dacus it is built on the back of an incredible 2018. The singer-songwriter’s year was largely successful with her solo work being widely acclaimed and her beloved new venture with Phoebe Bridgers and Julien Baker as one part of boygenius. A supergroup of sorts whose late LP entry made it on to our 50 best albums of they year list.

Her take on such an iconic song shows off her talent perfectly. Taking such a well-known track is a daunting prospect for anybody, but to take on an Edith Piaf anthem is something else. Dacus though approaches the song with the same normality and honesty that sets her apart as one of our favourite artist of 2018.

Lucy says of the song: “From the first time I heard it, I thought ‘La Vie En Rose’ was a perfect song. Hearing it, I knew that, one day, I would fall in love. I want someone to listen to this while running at top speed to the doorstep of the person they adore, ready to profess their deep, undying love. (PS, there’s a longer story about singing this song as a duet with my middle school janitor, but it is not concise).”

Take a listen to the cover below.