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Paul Weller and Suggs team up on vibrant new single, ‘Ooh Do U Fink U R’

Paul Weller and Suggs - ‘Ooh Do U Fink U R’

Former Jam frontman Paul Weller has teamed up with Suggs from Madness for a new collaborative single named ‘Ooh Do U Fink U R’.

According to a press release, the emphatic rhythm and blues track travels back to Weller and Suggs’ upbringing in Britain’s comprehensive school system in 1970s Woking and London respectively. The single has an uplifting British summertime feel to it with the added vibrance of brass instruments throughout. 

“Me and Suggs have been talking about doing something together for the last few years so to see it finally happen is amazing! I love the tune and working with him,” Weller explained.

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Adding: “He’s truly a man of many talents. We wanted to do something special and I really think this track is.”

Suggs added: “I think teachers are the best people in the world, I love them with all my heart. But you know all those great teachers you read about who dragged their pupils up, and encouraged them and made them into the best possible version of themselves they could be? Well, unfortunately, I didn’t have one of those!”

“‘Ooh Do U Fink U R’ was a phrase I heard more often than I wished and sums up my school years – constantly being told to know my place and keep in my box, being given no encouragement but still never giving in, and never giving up.”

He continued: “Chatting to Paul reminded me of those experiences. We both found enthusiasm and a purpose in music, and that pulled us through.”

The new song is complete with an animated montage-style video helmed by longtime Madness collaborator DNO. The one-off single will be available on a limited edition 7” vinyl from June 17th.

The pair have been well acquainted for much of their careers over the past four decades but began discussing music and their other shared passions more regularly over the Covid-19 lockdown in 2020. ‘Ooh Do U Fink U R’ has now emerged as the fruit of an extended back and forth of demos and lyric ideas. The finished product was finally recorded at Weller’s Black Barn Studio in Surrey.

Earlier this year, Weller opened for Madness at their show at London’s Royal Albert Hall in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust. It is hoped that the pair will join each other on stage soon to give their new single a live debut.

Listen to Paul Weller and Suggs’ ‘Ooh Do U Fink U R’ below.