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Paul McCartney uses footage of Johnny Depp during a rendition of 'My Valentine'

Former Beatle Paul McCartney recently surprised audience members with a video of John Lennon singing the second half of ‘I’ve Got A Feeling’, allowing McCartney and audiences to sing along with the deceased guitarist. Johnny Depp, on the other hand, is very much alive, but McCartney still used a video of the actor as he sang ‘My Valentine’ onstage in Seattle.

Although he didn’t comment on the extremely high profile and ongoing court case, McCartney’s decision to show a video of ‘My Valentine’ suggests that he is putting his hat in with the Depp camp, showing support to the Pirates of The Caribbean actor during his very public legal battle with ex-wife Amber Heard.

While performing ‘My Valentine’, McCartney played alongside a clip of Depp at time of such controversy, suggesting that the Beatle was showing how much he values Depp as a friend, through the medium of a song lit by background video.

The footage shows the Beatle singing ‘My Valentine’ to the footage of Depp, which suggests that McCartney is coming out in defence of his friend. Depp is currently embroiled in a trial with Amber Heard, leading many online to choose a side between one person or the other, with serious allegations of abuse made by both sides.

Although he hasn’t commented on the trial, McCartney’s decision to use a video of his friend suggests that he is looking out for the actor, and it certainly shows that McCartney considers him special enough to dedicate a ballad to — despite the ongoing trial yet to reach a conclusion.

Philanthropist and former model Jill Vedder uploaded the footage onto social media, stating that she was aware that it was probably a controversial decision to upload the video given the media’s interest in the Depp-Heard court case, but she felt compelled to do so anyway.

See the clip, below.