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Noel Gallagher says ‘Liam never gave a shit about Oasis fans’


The war of words between feuding Oasis brothers Noel and Liam Gallagher doesn’t appear to be ending any time soon. 

Speculation has been rife that both Noel and Liam were ready to end their feud and get the band back together. It was only July when Liam seemingly offered an olive branch to his estranged brother, claiming that he “forgives” Noel and suggested he wants to bring back together.

Despite making the first move, Liam quickly followed and claimed that Noel had rejected his offer and the Oasis comeback looked off the cards… yet again. With interest understandably high, the band, who haven’t played a live show together since their split in 2009, were given a mega-money offer to play Dublin’s Slane Castle. 

With all the back and forth, Noel today did his best to quash the rumours once and for all. When asked if a comeback would ever materialise, Noel questioned Liam’s intentions, saying: “Liam wants to do it for his ego – he never gave a shit about the fans,” in a new interview with Mojo. “He wouldn’t have walked off stage 25 times in his career if he gave a shit about the fans,” he added.