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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Liam Gallagher suggests Noel has rejected his Oasis reunion plea


Liam Gallagher’s olive branch to estranged brother Noel look to have failed as the Oasis reunion talk again looks to have fallen flat.

It was only this morning that Far Out reported the news that Liam had reached out to Noel, offering his forgiveness and requesting that the two brothers bring back Oasis: Liam said: “Earth to Noel listen up rkid I hear your [sic] doing gigs where people can’t drink alcohol now that’s the BeZarist thing you’ve done yet,” in a post on Twitter.

“I forgive you now let’s get the BIG O back together and stop fucking about the drinks are on me LG x,” he added.

However, Liam’s words appear to have failed. A follow-up tweet suggesting Noel has ignored his request has cut like a dagger through the hearts of all Oasis fans.

“I’ll take that as a NO then as you were LG x,” Liam said. After being accused of doing it for the money, he then replied: “I’d do it for nowt me it’s not all about the money honey.: