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(Credit: Michael Spencer Jones)

Noel Gallagher says Liam Gallagher's Twitter account is the reason Oasis won't reunite


Noel Gallagher has said that a reunion of the iconic Britpop band Oasis is still very unlikely citing that his brother Liam’s continued use of Twitter as a verbal cattle prod is putting him off the idea.

The band have been split up for over 10 years and it doesn’t look likely that fans will get their wish of a Gallagher brother reunion any time soon. Noel speaking with The Big Issue said that Liam’s use of the social media platform is deterring any notion of the band getting back together saying every tweet was a “nail in the coffin”.

The pair have almost continuously traded barbs across interviews and social media since they split. With Liam never quiet about his views on his brother, the spat continues across the magazine’s pages. Noel said, “It’s strange behaviour for someone who is gagging for me to pick up the phone and say let’s do it.”

He vowed to not share the stage with his brother again, saying, “He’d put his whole life on hold to get Oasis back together. But every tweet he sends out, it’s another nail in the coffin of that idea.”

About his brother, Noel said, “If you think for one minute I am going to share a stage with you after what you’ve said you are fucking more of a moron than you look.”

(Credit: Michael Spencer Jones)

Noel was the last brother to fire shots across the dinner table after the singer suggested that he would rather have the oafish British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as a brother than Liam. Cutting indeed.

It still hasn’t stopped the rumours of a reunion spreading though, after Liam intended to send an invite to Noel and put to bed his quarrels with his brother for his “mum’s sake” – yet it didn’t end well. It appears we all think they should just kiss and make up.