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(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Liam Gallagher says he wants to make up with Noel "for mum's sake"

Former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher has said that he wants to end his long-running feud with brother Noel by “going for a beer”. But it’s not to mull over the chances of an Oasis return but for his “mum’s sake”.

Fans have been longing for a return to the stage and studio for the Gallagher brothers since their unceremonious split in 2009. Their feud continues to make headlines ten years on but maybe that’s all about to end.

In a somewhat unprecedented occasion, Noel was at an awards show on Monday evening and was inevitably asked about Liam and a reunion. Normally quick to fire back an insult, this time Noel confessed that the pair wouldn’t have made it without each other.

In an even more unprecedented event, Liam has now also responded to those words with kindness. While we look for a drop in temperatures in Hell and airborne swine, read below his comments.

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The Why Me? Why Not? singer said that he would go “out for a beer” with his brother Noel, but not to talk about a lucrative reunion. “Only for the brother side of it,” he said. “Not a bit about Oasis. The most important thing is about me and him being brothers. I’ve got another brother who he doesn’t speak to. It would be nice if all three of us would be together. Obviously, our mum is still alive, so she gets upset about it.”

Dare we dream of an Oasis reunion soon? Michael Eavis get your big Glastonbury Festival-sized chequebook out.