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(Credit: Michael Spencer Jones)

Liam Gallagher claims that Oasis "were bigger than Britpop"


The unstoppable mouth of Liam Gallagher goes off again as he labels bands from the Britpop era as “desperate” and claims that his band, Oasis, was bigger than the genre itself.

The rivalry Liam Gallagher can stoke up is unmatched. Whether it is with Blur, the band that he and Oasis railed against throughout the ’90s, or indeed with his own flesh and blood Noel. Liam is an expert at gobbing off.

His latest outburst comes after a fan asked if the Why Me? Why Not? singer thought that Oasis “were Britpop”. A leading question, sure, but one that LG was always going to take the bait on.

He replied, “We were bigger than britpop all those bands were desperate”. And so another chapter begins as Liam Gallagher takes aim at a host of bands including the old enemy Blur, Elastica, Pulp, Suede and so many more. Though, we assume, having been around Gallagher for so long that they’re used to it.

The outburst follows Brett Anderson, the leading man of Suede, calling the genre “laddish, distasteful, misogynistic”.

“I disassociated myself from that very early on, as soon as I saw what I saw as becoming this kind of laddish, jingoistic, cartoon happening, which became Britpop, I very quickly distanced Suede from that.”