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(Credit: Warner Music)

Is Liam Gallagher in line to sing the next James Bond theme song?

Liam Gallagher has thrown his bucket hat in the ring to be the next singer of a James Bond theme song. With No Time To Die, the 25th Bond film, out next year, the former Oasis singer has said he’d be interested in taking on the film’s theme song.

In the latest of a series of hilarious outbursts, Liam Gallagher has no inadvertently put himself in contention to sing the theme song for the upcoming James Bond film. If he were to pick up the track he would be placed next to Adele, Shirley Bassey, and Paul McCartney in the pantheon of film scores, as one of a very few artists to hold the acclaim of having sung James Bond’s theme. His tongue-in-cheek request for film bosses to pick up the phone won’t have been helped by his comments.

Making fun of the film’s title Liam joked, “The new James Bond one, it’s all about dying innit. Die not next week, can’t be arsed dying today, might die f**g next month, there’s a lot of death going on.” Would he ever sing on the theme song though? “But you know they can give us a call, why not.”

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While the James Bond theme may be a touch out of his wheelhouse, he did reveal to Irish radio station, Today FM, that he already has one song ready for a very special Director. “‘Gone’ is a top tune, I could see that in a Tarantino film. If I could work with anyone? Tarantino, he’s pretty good, isn’t he?”

“There’s a lot of him in Gone. But we don’t write music to go, ‘Right let’s put it in a film,’ but if people pick up on it then they’re welcome to it.”

So while the inclusion of the Mouth from Manchester isn’t yet a done deal, in fact it’s very unlikely to ever be it, we can still dream of LG in a glittery red dress smashing out a ballad while James Bond’s crosshairs pan across him. No? Just us? Ok.