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Credit: Bruno/Estonian President's Office

Noel Gallagher claims he'd 'rather have Boris Johnson' as his brother than Liam

As talk of a potential Oasis reunion continues to swirl, the likelihood of it actually happening never seems to go very far. As soon as it appears that the two feuding brothers Noel and Liam are on better terms one of them will come out to insult the other and the cycle begins again.

This time it’s Noel’s turn as he says he would prefer to have the politically divisive Prime Minister Boris Johnson as his brother over Liam. Not a sentiment that is likely to see them sitting across from each other at the Christmas table.

The seemingly endless war of words continues to rumble on then as Gallagher spoke to the Daily Star about his and his brother’s 10-year long feud. It may have started at the ending of Oasis but it has gained further fuel since.

In the latest instalment, Noel said that he’d prefer to have Johnson as his sibling, “I would say Boris is more entertaining, his use of the English language is more superior.” He did concede however that, “Liam is better looking though, I probably would not get on with either of them.”

Noel then offered a brief insight into the feud, saying “Family politics can be exhausting,” a hint that Liam’s recent outreaches may be starting to hit the mark. That is until Noel soon remembered some unsavoury remarks Liam has made in recent months.

“He insults my wife a lot. It is nothing to do with her at all. And he threatens my kids and it all gets a bit stupid. Liam has got how many kids? Officially? Four I believe. Nobody has got married yet so the ­situation has never arisen.” Ouch.

Below is a solid reason as to why we’re so desperate to see them reunite.