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Noel Gallagher calls Lewis Capaldi "Chewbacca" and says Scotland is "like a third world country"

Noel Gallagher is not content with losing his little online feud with Scottish singer Lewis Capaldi and has stepped up his game.

Capaldi recently took the opportunity to escalate his running joke with Gallagher with a fantastic entrance at Glastonbury Festival 2019, a move which stemmed from when former Oasis man Gallagher was quoted as saying “who’s this Capaldi fella?” during an interview as both artists competed in the charts. 

In response, Capaldi laughed off the interview in typical fashion: “Camaaan! Fuckin’ Caman! That’s me, I’ve peaked, slagged aff by Noel Gallagher. It’s me. What a day. What a fuckin’ day,” he said.

Capaldi added, jokingly: “Number one single? Who gives a fuck. Number one album? Who gives a fuck. I just got slagged off by Noel Gallagher. Dreams are coming true. It’s Father’s Day and I’m being slagged aff by a man who’s old enough to be my da. And I’ve never been more happy. Happy Father’s Day Noel.”

After donning a t-shirt with Gallagher’s face on it during his performance at Glastonbury, many considered the running battle to have come to an end. Gallagher though, not one to be undone, has responded: “Fucking Chewbacca should enjoy his 15 minutes. The greatest day of his life that I slagged him off or called him an idiot,” he said in a new interview with Variety.

Gallagher then changed his approach in the war of words against Capaldi, a proud Scotsman, by saying: “It’s the greatest day of his fucking life so far. He’s just thinking, ‘Wow!’ Well, I know you’re Scottish and all that, but fucking hell! It is like a third world country, but for fuck‘s sake, man, you must have had a better day than this. Surely!”

Taking a more generalist approach, the former Oasis guitarist changed the topic of conversation to today’s youth, seemingly offering a valid take and describing them as “culturally lost”, albeit it his own no-nonsense approach. He said: “So, I don’t know. The youth of today: fucking moronic c—s, if you ask me. I meet young people, and they’re so culturally lost at the moment.

“All they can do, young people, is take pictures of each other. Because there’s nothing else. You know, when a band walks out on stage, they might as well be at a photo shoot. Nobody lives in the moment. Everybody’s sharing everything with everybody.”

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