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(Credit: Stefan Brending)

Liam Gallagher explains why playing Glastonbury with Oasis was "horrible"


Ahead of his major performance at Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage this weekend, Liam Gallagher has been reflecting on past appearances at Worthy Farm.

Gallagher is referencing an Oasis show dating back to 2004 specifically, a time when the band were turning direction in terms of ramping up their liver sound.

“I’ve always enjoyed Glastonbury,” Gallagher told BBC 6 Music’s Matt Everitt. “There’s only one that I didn’t and that was when I wore a white jacket. I didn’t enjoy that because that was when I’d first started using in ears [monitors to hear the music] and it’s spun me out for 15 years.

“I’ve only finally took them out so I’m kind of getting back to normal. I hated that gig, man.”

He added: “I started putting in-ears in as our kid wanted to go Slash, you know what I mean, and turn everything up. So I put them in for the sake of the band and my voice and all that, but I couldn’t get my head round it and then I carried on using them just because, apparently, they’re good for your voice and saves your voice. But I’m off them now, weaned myself off them, they’re horrible.

“You know what it is, with those in ear things you just feel like you’re in the studio, and you can’t have that. You need the interaction, you need the vibe, so yeah it was horrible, I didn’t like it. I mean I enjoyed myself after it because you soon put it to bed, you get off your head and all that and I enjoyed the vibe. But the gig, nah, wasn’t for me.”