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Noel Gallagher's favourite song from the 1990s

Noel Gallagher, it goes without saying, is Britpop royalty. The songs born from his pen dominated the airwaves throughout the 1990s, pushing forward a new musical movement with his brother in arms. However, despite the self-confidence that Oasis built their legacy upon, Gallagher’s favourite song from the decade isn’t one of his own.

It is worth noting that Oasis didn’t just spring up from the abyss, one of their major influences was born from just 30 miles up the road in Liverpool and had a lasting impact on their creative vision — and it’s not The Beatles, but The La’s. Led by the elusive singer Lee Mavers, the group only released one eponymous album in 1990 before the frontman seemingly dropped off the face of the earth.

Over the years since their emergence, The La’s briefly reunited on several occasions but never released further new material. If Mavers had the tenacity of Gallagher, there’s every chance that The La’s would have been the band to define the decade. For Noel though, no other song from that era can compete with ‘There She Goes’.

Gallagher even once went as far as saying, “Oasis want to finish what The La’s started”. The former Oasis man has forever been indebted to their influence and is under no illusion that the cultural fabric of the decade likely could have looked staggeringly different if Mavers decided to stay in the public eye.

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Gallagher made the revelation about ‘There She Goes’ when Absolute Radio asked the High Flying Bird to name his favourite track of every decade from the ’60s until now. Explaining his decision, Gallagher said: “He (Lee Mavers) only made one album, but if you’re only going to make one album in your life, make that album. He’s an amazing songwriter, lazy bollocks, but we’ll put that to one side,” he half-joked. “The La’s are one of my favourite bands and still are”.

The Gallagher brothers don’t often agree these days, but the shared love of The La’s that helped spark Oasis still burns bright today. “The La’s were as important to me as The Stones Roses, without a doubt,” Liam once noted. “Those two to me are like The Beatles and The Stones of my generation. Just as a frontman for me, and his look, Lee Mavers is up there with Ian Brown”.

He added: “Amazing songwriter, but he was a proper, proper frontman as well. He’s got a Marley thing, I think. I met him a few times, he’s always a bit spikey and that, but I’m still intrigued by him, which is the most beautiful thing”.

If The La’s didn’t decide to end things prematurely, in all honesty, their legacy could have gone either way. Perhaps Mavers’ effervescent songwriting would have made them the band of their age, but that was no guarantee. The mystery surrounding their leader has undoubtedly enhanced their stature and the lingering thought of what could have been.

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