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(Credit: Cameron Venti)


Netflix suspends streaming service in Russia


In the world of entertainment, there is no streaming service with the same commercial clout and power as Netflix, outdoing its competitors by quite some distance. As a leader in this sector, Netflix has taken a stance against the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by suspending all its services in Russia. 

Joining a growing list of companies who have also pulled the sale of their products from Russian shelves, Netflix had previously announced that they would be pausing all Russian projects and would refuse to carry 20 propaganda channels under its name. Shortly after taking this stance, the streaming service recently announced that they would be ceasing activity entirely.  

“Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia,” a spokesperson from Netflix told Variety

These cultural sanctions join political and economic ones imposed by European governments, with other major companies such as Disney and Warner Bros also pulling the theatrical releases of several films from Russian cinemas. As well as such companies in the world of cinema, the likes of music streaming giants Spotify and tech behemoths Apple have also halted all sales in the country. 

For Netflix, this means pausing the production of the first Russian original film, Anna K, which wrapped up filming last year, as well as the detective drama series Zato. Though Netflix dominates streaming services worldwide, Russia makes up only approximately one million of the total 222 million global subscribers. 

Back in 2015, Netflix made a 2015 documentary called Winter On Fire: Ukraine’s Fight For Freedom, following the Euromaidan protests in Ukraine which were triggered when Viktor Yanukovych sided with Russia rather than agreeing to join the European Union. Take a look at the trailer for the documentary, below.