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(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix release new 'Stranger Things 4: Volume 2' teaser


What summer it has been for the fourth season of Stranger Things. Even though Netflix is going through a strange crisis, that multi-billion-dollar panic doesn’t seem to have affected the popularity of Hawkins, Indiana, and its incredibly unlucky residents.

With massive new streaming records, a breakout character in Eddie Munson, and a legitimate rebirth in the mainstream popularity of Kate Bush, Stranger Things is still wielding the kind of power that pretty much no other modern television programme can match. And the best part: it’s not even done yet.

That’s because the second part of the season (advertised as Stranger Things 4: Volume 2) will air on July 1st. How will all of your favourite main characters end up back in Hawkins? Will someone have to die in order for the rest to live? Will Hopper’s hair ever grow back to its former glory? The fans need answers, and just to keep the anticipation high, Netflix has released a brief 30-second teaser for the second part of season four.

From what we can tell in the brief amount of footage shown, Vecna is set to make his grand attack on the world outside of the Upside Down, and Eleven is the only one that can stop him. It also seems like Nancy has woken up from her possession, but she is still trapped in the Upside Down with Steve and Robin while Eddie is nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Hopper gets to check out some pickled Demogorgans, Dustin and someone who looks like Eddie (at least from the back) have each other’s backs, and Eleven sees the outside of the facility where she got her powers back blown to smithereens. What does it all mean? How will the gang stop Vecna? Will Mike and Will just not appear like they didn’t in the final episode of Volume 1? We’ll have to wait another month to find out.

Check out the teaser for Stranger Things 4: Volume 2 down below before it premieres on July 1st down below.