Credit: Pat Loika


My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way picks his favourite songs of 2019


The frontman of the iconic emo band My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way, has shared a playlist of his favourite songs of 2019 for his fans.

The playlist is jam-packed with some great acts from the past and the present. From Far Out and Gerard Way favourite Alex Lahey (following her cover of ‘Welcome To The Black Parade’) to the wonderfully eccentric The Lemon Twigs as well as a 1986 effort from Metallica, ‘Orion’.

Through the playlist, Way shares the songs which have soundtracked his year. A year, which by all accounts, has been incredibly fruitful for Way. From his successful Netflix show and graphic novel The Umbrella Academy to the reunion of one of the biggest bands of the noughties.

Sharing the playlist via Instagram he captioned the post saying: “I listened to so much great music this year that I decided to make a playlist to share with everyone. You can check it out via the link in my bio. Enjoy!”

You can listen to the playlist below: