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Morrissey supports far-right political extremists 'For Britain' on mainstream American TV

Morrissey has taken his support for far-right political group ‘For Britain’ international while performing live on mainstream American TV’s The Tonight Show.

The ‘For Britain Movement’ is a political group—often described as extremist—founded by the anti-Islam activist Anne Marie Waters after she was defeated in the 2017 UKIP leadership.

Largely labeled as dangerous members of the political spectrum, Morrissey was again spotted wearing a badge in support, a move that was heavily criticised by Journalist and former friend of Morrissey Dave Haslam: “My former friend sporting a For Britain badge, a party violently anti-Islam, filled with ex-BNP and ex-EDL, pro-privatisation, far right and prone to exploiting tragedies to disseminate divisive anti-immigrant rhetoric online, what happened to ‘It takes guts to be gentle and kind’?” Haslam reacted.

The news comes as little surprise given that Morrissey, in the recent past, has defended the likes of Tommy Robinson, suggested that Hitler was left-wing and hit out at London mayor Sadiq Kahn in a slur about his speech. 

What ensued was a wave criticism from well known industry names like Moby and, at one point, the former Smiths frontman became the subject of an anti-racism protest party on what should have been a somewhat triumphant homecoming concert in Manchester.

Now, while appearing as the musical guest on The Tonight Show in order to promote his new album California Son, Morrissey again donned the For Britain badge to further determine his political stance.

See the performance, below:

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Morrissey was sharing the show with fellow guest South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg and Milo Ventimiglia, a star from This Is Us. Ventimiglia, wearing a Morrissey t-shirt, begins to gush over his admiration for the former Smiths frontman and explains how he is contemplating having Morrissey’s autograph tattooed on his body.

“It’s one of those things where I kind of feel like he raised me a little bit with his music,” he explained. “All of my friends, we would listen to the Smiths and Morrissey, and then we would quote them. You know, you just kind of casually pull out “I wear black on the outside because black is how I feel on the inside.”… When I was a kid, I wore my hair like Morrissey. I dressed like Morrissey. He kind of consumed my life.”