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The Smiths bassist Andy Rourke defends Morrissey: 'the world without him would be boring'


Andy Rourke, former bassist of The Smiths, has defended his ex-bandmate Morrissey amid a period when the singer is being called out for his political stance.

Earlier this week Morrissey was called out for promoting a ‘For Britain’ badge and, in the past, has defended the likes of Tommy Robinson, suggested that Hitler was left-wing and hit out at London mayor Sadiq Kahn in a slur about his speech.

What ensued was criticism from well known industry names like Moby and, at one point, the former Smiths frontman became the subject of an anti-racism protest party on what should have been a somewhat triumphant homecoming concert in Manchester.

Despite all of that, former Smiths bassist Rourke, has refused to turn his back on his former colleague amid the row. Rourke, who was promoting his new band Blitz Veg by appearing on an episode of ‘Red Stripe Presents’, was quickly drawn into Morrissey questions by co-presenters Laura Whitmore and Gordon Smart who asked: “What’s the most common thing people ask you about in relation to The Smiths?” to which Andy quickly responded, “What’s Morrissey like?” before grinning to himself.

In his comedic fashion, Gordon jested with Andy, “And what is the answer to that question, seeing as you brought it up”. Andy politely responded, “That’s a leading question. A unique individual and a real talent… it was special working with him [Morrissey].” 

The next question, leading Rourke into more detail, asked: “Do we need those controversial characters, if we didn’t have them then the music industry would be different?” Andy calmly responded, “I think you definitely need some colourful characters, you have got to love John Lydon people like that and Morrissey obviously – without that it would be a boring world.”

See the full interview, below: