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Morrissey says the treatment of far-right activist Tommy Robinson is ‘shocking’

Former Smiths frontman Morrissey has further elaborated on his political ideas and seemingly offered support to far-right activist and EDL founder Tommy Robinson.

Earlier this year Morrissey made yet more controversial comments when he declared that “Hitler was left-wing” and hit out London mayor Sadiq Kahn by saying he “cannot talk properly” in an explosive interview.

Now in a new interview with Fiona Dodwell on Tremr, Morrissey has further elaborated on his political stance and explained how he is supporting a party known as ‘For Britain’ which is being led by Anne Marie Waters: “I have been following a new party called For Britain which is led by Anne Marie Waters,” said Morrissey. “It is the first time in my life that I will vote for a political party. Finally I have hope. I find the Tory-Labour-Tory-Labour constant switching to be pointless.

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“For Britain has received no media support and have even been dismissed with the usual childish ‘racist’ accusation. I don’t think the word ‘racist’ has any meaning any more, other than to say “you don’t agree with me, so you’re a racist.” People can be utterly, utterly stupid,” Morrissey added.

“Anne Marie Waters seeks open discussion about all aspects of modern Britain, whereas other parties will not allow diverse opinion. She is like a humane version of Thatcher … if such a concept could be. She is absolute leadership, she doesn’t read from a script, she believes in British heritage, freedom of speech, and she wants everyone in the UK to live under the same law.

“I find this compelling, now, because it’s very obvious that Labour or the Tories do not believe in free speech… I mean, look at the shocking treatment of Tommy Robinson… “

“I know the media don’t want Anne Marie Waters and they try to smear her, but they are wrong and they should give her a chance, and they should stop accusing people who want open debate as being ‘racist’. As I said previously, the left has become right-wing and the right-wing has become left – a complete switch, and this is a very unhappy modern Britain.”

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