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Morrissey: “I only eat bread, potatoes, pasta, and nuts”

Strap in readers, we’re taking another brave leap into the world of Morrissey.

Earlier this year Morrissey made yet more controversial comments when he declared that “Hitler was left-wing” and hit out London mayor Sadiq Kahn by saying he “cannot talk properly” in an explosive interview.

Then, only yesterday, Morrissey explained in a new interview with Fiona Dodwell on Tremr, further elaborating on his political stance and explained how he is supporting a party known as ‘For Britain’ which is being led by Anne Marie Waters: “I have been following a new party called For Britain which is led by Anne Marie Waters,” said Morrissey. “It is the first time in my life that I will vote for a political party. Finally I have hope. I find the Tory-Labour-Tory-Labour constant switching to be pointless,” he added before seemingly showing his support for far-right leader Tommy Robinson. 

However, in slightly lighter news, it gives us great pleasure to move away from Morrissey’s political stance and to discuss his… erm, food stance? Turns out, Mozza has never had a coffee, never tasted and onion and, perhaps less surprisingly following his ‘For Britain’ stuff… never eaten a curry.

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“I refuse to eat anything that had a mother, that’s obvious. I’ve always found food to be very difficult because I only eat bread, potatoes, pasta and nuts… all stodge,” Morrissey said of his diet. “I can’t eat anything that has any flavour. I’ve never had a curry, or coffee, or garlic.

“I’m absolutely hopeless when I’m handed a menu in a restaurant,” he continues. “I go directly to the Kiddie’s Meals. If I find baked beans then the night is a huge success. If you ever bring me out to dinner it’s important that you also bring a toaster.

“I’ve never had a curry and I’ve never had a coffee. I’ve never wanted one and I’ve never been handed one” and “I’ve never had an onion. That would make me cry. It’s just too eye-crossing. I’m strictly bread and potatoes.”

Well, there we go then. bread, potatoes, pasta, and nuts for ol’ Mozza!

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