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A$AP Rocky wants to work with Morrissey

Rapper, songwriter and record producer A$AP Rocky has outlined Morrissey as a surprise collaborator.

Rocky, who previously worked with Rod Stewart who featured on his song ‘Everyday’, admitted to wanting to create some “emo shit” with the former Smiths singer while appearing on Open Late, he said: “I might have to fuck with Morrissey on some Smiths shit. Make some emo, real, retro-infusion, motherfuckin’ 2018 shit, man.”

While in conversation about his new material, the NYC rapper claimed to be working in a “experimenting in a more calculated way.” 

“I wanna take a different approach and challenge the viewer whose tired of hearing the same old shit,” he said. “This shit is cliché at this point. I’m trying to test my viewers and listeners to see if they ready to grow with me.”

“This is going to be an amazing fucking album. I’m going to hopefully change a lot of people’s lives again, and hopefully people will make better music, and inspire me to make even better music.”