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(Credit: Lauren Luxberg)


Miles Kane and Lana Del Rey have a full album of unreleased material


In an exclusive interview with Far Out, Miles Kane has revealed he has recorded enough songs to make an “album” with Lana Del Rey.

Our full conversation with The Last Shadow Puppet arrives on Friday, as does Kane’s fourth solo album, Change The Show. One of the topics discussed was his creative partnership with Lana Del Rey, who co-wrote his 2018 track, ‘Loaded’, and he returned the favour on ‘Dealer’, which the Wirral native also provided vocals on too. 

Both songs came from the same recording session, and according to the ‘Come Closer’ singer, there’s a lot more they made together that could one day be released. “We did so many songs,” Kane reminisces. “I think I was sorting flirting about putting it on an album, then she was, and then I got a call a few months back where she said she wanted to stick that out,” he says about the Blue Banisters track.

Kane added: “That was the one song from the demo’s we did that had something really special, and it’s so real. The way she comes in and soars on her vocal is something that I think nobody has ever heard before. I like that she’s just kept it as the original demo we did when we wrote it.”

Elaborating on how much they wrote together during those sessions, Kane adds, “There’s quite a lot, y’know. Probably enough for an album, we’d still need to finish some bits off, but there’s definitely some completed tunes.”

At the moment, there are no plans to revive the material they recorded together. However, it’s certainly not something Kane is ruling out in the future.

For now, though, he is focused on his new record, Change The Show, which arrives on January 21st through BMG. Return to Far Out on Friday to read our full interview with Miles Kane.