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Matt Helders provides an update on the next Arctic Monkeys album


Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders has provided an update on the next new album to be produced by the Sheffield band.

Fans of Arctic Monkeys were made to wait five years for the release of their sixth studio album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, which debuted straight at number one and kickstarted a new era for the group. The follow-up to 2013 record AM was long overdue with band members focusing on side projects during that period.

Helders, who himself is busy working on side projects of his own, was asked by MusicFeeds if the prolonged gap between records was a trend that would continue, to which he answered: “I don’t think so,” with some certainty.

“I think that break was based on various circumstances and that was sort of what we needed at the time. But it’s not a pattern we’re going to get used to as a band. We like being in the studio. We’re keen on making albums,” he added.

“We’ll talk about what we’ll do next. There’s no real concrete plan at the moment. We’re all enjoying it a lot, we know we want to do some writing at some point but there’s nothing really. We haven’t really talked about it yet.

“I suppose when we’re back together on these last couple of tours we’ll start thinking about that. But yeah, there’s nothing actually planned yet.”

In more Helders related news, the drummer has teamed up with Miburn’s Joe Carnall on a project titled Good Cop Bad Cop.

The working relationship between the duo developed after singer Carnall wrote the material and sent Helders a selection of sample demos which the drummer worked on at his home studio on LA.

Having both created and forged the indie Sheffield sound we know well now, Carnall is exploring a new direction with the help of Helders. Penned by Carnall and produced by Helders, the project resides in the not-so-grey area between machine and man, synthesiser and well-earned local wisdom.

Now, the project’s lead single ‘Silk and Leather’ has been handed some visuals in the shape of a new music video which sees Helders stuck amidst intense interrogation.

Here it is: