Matt Helders and Joe Carnall share new music video


Good Cop Bad Cop, the new collaborative project by Arctic Monkeys’ Matt Helders and Miburn’s Joe Carnall, has released a new video.

The working relationship between the duo developed after singer Carnall wrote the material and sent Helders a selection of sample demos which the drummer worked on at his home studio LA.

Having both created and forged the indie Sheffield sound we know well now, Carnall is exploring a new direction with the help of Helders. Penned by Carnall and produced by Helders, the project resides in the not-so-grey area between machine and man, synthesiser and well-earned local wisdom.

Now, the project’s lead single ‘Silk and Leather’ has been handed some visuals in the shape of a new music video which sees Helders stuck amidst intense interrogation.

Here it is:

Speaking to KEXP previously, Helders detailed his studio: “I’ve got a little studio set up at home now that, when I’m there, I can commit some time to,” he said. “That’s basically old drum machines and synthesisers – a bit more electronic and a bit more like soundtrack-y, like a John Carpenter kind of thing.”

He added: “There isn’t really a goal for what it will be yet. I’m just trying to drop in the tools in case, whether it’s a score or a record or what. I’m just enjoying it as a hobby and, when that leads to something, I think that feels a bit better for me when it’s, like, just something I wanted to do and have interest in.”

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