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Machine Gun Kelly and Bring Me The Horizon team up for the genuinely terrible song 'maybe'

Machine Gun Kelly feat. Bring Me The Horizon - 'maybe'

Emo-pop heavyweights Machine Gun Kelly and Bring Me The Horizon have teamed up. Whilst this may be the kind of news that their fans have dreamed of for what seems like an eternity, objectively, it’s just not very good. To be quite honest, it’s shocking that Machine Gun Kelly has been allowed to pursue his pop-punk 2000s emo pastiche for so long, and if you thought his recent collaboration with Willow ’emo girl’ couldn’t be any worse, be prepared for ‘maybe’. 

The thing about ’emo girl’ was that although it’s terrible, it’s still hooky, whereas ‘maybe’ just sounds like three songs crammed together in the hope of hitting on all the key facets of a 2000s emo tune. The way the track starts is also one of the most cringe-inducing moments I’ve ever heard on a record. 

MGK plays a short riff on the acoustic guitar, which sounds very similar to Soungarden‘s ’90s classic ‘Black Hole Sun’, before he says “thats’ hard”, as a chill runs down the spine. Let’s be frank, nothing he’s ever done has been hard. In fact, you could wager the opposite, it’s soft. A damp squib. 

Then, you get a run of the mill main riff, which sounds eerily similar to the Blink-182 spin-off, +44’s 2006 classic ‘When Your Heart Stops Beating’. If things couldn’t get any worse, for the second verse, we’re treated to the typically affected vocals of Bring Me The Horizon frontman, Oli Sykes. It’s tracks such as this that are genuinely mindblowing, as you recount the journey that Bring Me The Horizon have been on from metalcore heroes to pop band. 

Given that we know that Machine Gun Kelly is anything but an introvert, the contrived line, “I think I’m broken, nothing can fix me”, is particularly aggravating. This new wave of emo resurgence is annoying and confounding in equal measure, as figures such as Machine Gun Kelly, who are the poster boys of the movement, have no real place there. 

I’d wager that if you were to ask him about the concept of emo, his knowledge would be consigned to My Chemical Romance and Paramore, rather than Thursday, Glassjaw, and those who came before such as Jawbreaker, Sunny Day Real Estate and Rites of Spring. Machine Gun Kelly is the musical equivalent of ripped drainpipes, something that should be left well alone. 

It says a lot about music consumers today that they’re willing to buy into such a hollow and quite frankly talentless set of musicians. 

Machine Gun Kelly is to release his new album Mainstream Sellout on March 25th. It will feature the already released singles ‘Ay’ with Lil Wayne and ’emo girl’ with Willow. Last year, Kelly said that the follow-up to 2020’s Tickets To My Downfall is to be “more guitar-heavy” and lyrically “deeper” than his last record. 

You can’t help but laugh. 

Mainstream Sellout tracklist:

  1. ‘born with horns’
  2. ‘god save me’
  3. ‘maybe’ feat. Bring Me The Horizon
  4. ‘drug dealer’ feat. Lil Wayne
  5. ‘wall of fame’ (Interlude)
  6. ‘mainstream sellout’
  7. ‘make up sex’ feat. blackbear
  8. ‘ emo girl’ feat. WILLOW
  9. ‘5150’
  10. ‘paper cuts’ (album version)
  11. ‘WW4’
  12. ‘ay!’ feat. Lil Wayne
  13. ‘fake love don’t last’ feat. iann dior
  14. ‘die in california’ feat. Gunna & Young Thug
  15. ‘sid & nancy’
  16. ‘twin flame’

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