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Liam Gallagher WILL invite brother Noel to his wedding because his mum told him to


The singer Liam Gallagher has revealed that he will be asking brother and former bandmate in Oasis Noel Gallagher to his wedding to act as an “olive branch” and all because his mum told him to.

The Oasis frontman whose new album Why Me? Why Not? comes out next Friday is set to marry manager Debbie Gwyther and has extended an invite to Noel according to a recent interview with the Sunday Mirror.

The star revealed in the interview that he had also asked his older brother Paul to be his Best Man while his daughter, with whom he reunited with last year, to be a bridesmaid.

“Third time lucky,” said Liam in a rare showing of his softer side. “I’m ready to do it again. I’m buzzing more than her. This one’s going to be a big thing.” It turns out that Liam had asked Gwyther’s father’s permission in his own special way, Debbie said that “Liam asked for my dad’s permission… in his own way. He texted him and said, ‘I want you to know I’m marrying Debbie’. Then he messaged all the kids and our mates telling them we were getting married… before I’d even said yes.”

But the conversation quickly turns to his brother, as it invariably does, LG said his mother “thinks Noel needs a f***ing clip. She says we’re as bad as each other, but she knows I’ve put olive branches out.”

He continued “He doesn’t really speak to her either… it’s not a band thing. All of this stuff about us not speaking because of the band, it’s nothing to do with that. He obviously thinks he’s cooler or better than us. But that would be hard because we are f***ing brilliant.”

Yet, Liam will still use his nuptials as an open extension of his hand revealing “Of course he will. My mam is like, ‘You’ve got to invite him’. He continued “And I will. They’ll get a little envelope through the door. They won’t come… but you never know – like I said before, they go to the opening of anything so as soon as they open it, it’ll be like, ‘Come on Noel, get your Dermot O’Leary outfit on, we’re going out’.”

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So, could this be the start of an Oasis reunion in 2020? Perhaps that famed Glastonbury slot for the 50th anniversary? Here’s hoping. But don’t hold your breath.

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Source: Sky News